The big market, the big heart  

+ market for expansion

+ ready-made VAT registered companies

+ convenient regime for job agencies

+ progressive start-up culture

- long process of company registration

 Polish Limited Company - Sp. z o.o.

This is basically a limited company which is identical to the entities like Kft. or GmbH in other countries. The minimal share capital is 5000PLN. The capital is not obliged to be presented in the bank.

The Sp. z o.o. company is managed by its director - there can be one or more directors. Director is authorized to do all acts in the name of company and he also assumes the full responsibility for that.

The Sp. z o.o. company is owned by shareholders. They are publicly visible in the Company Register. In order to stay anonymous is recommended to use British or other offshore company as the shareholder.

The steps of the process are following:

  1. You supply us by all relevant informations about director, shareholder, registered office and activities 

  2. We prepare all documents in both Polish and English version and send it to you to sign.

  3. We translate the documents and submit them to the court

  4. You receive from us the the new company certificate

Ready-Made (Shelf) Company

with VAT registration 

As the company register in Poland can be sometimes slow, we offer the ready-made companies which are already registered for VAT.

Accounting & Registered Office

Every Polish company is obligated keep accounts properly according to law. The Annual Return must be filed every 31st of March for the last year, the VAT return (in case that company is registered for VAT) every 3 months. We provide all the services related to bookkeeping and dealing with official authorities in Poland.

We provide full range of virtual office services in Warsaw.

Bank Account

We provide you full assistance while opening the bank account in Poland. There are not usually any complication also for companies with foreign director.