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Hungarian Limited Company - Kft.


The Hungarian limited liability type of company calls Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság and has the abbreviation "Kft". The minimal basic capital is 500.000 HUF and it is not obligated to be deposited in bank.

The statutory organ of "Kft" company is a director which completely controls the company. He takes also the responsibility. There are no special requirements for the director, it can be any person older than 18 years and of any nationality. The criminal record is NOT required.

The owners of company call themselves shareholders. There can be one or more of them. They are publicly visible in Hungarian Company Register however it is possible to achieve anonymity by using UK company as shareholder.

New Hungarian Company Formation


The process of the company formation in Hungary is usually very fast and does not take more than 2 weeks. It's usually event faster than transfer of already existing (ready-made) company.



The Hungarian companies must keep the books according to Hungarian law. They are also obligated to file annual return every year (till 31st of March) and VAT return every month. We provide complete range of accounting services so you will have no worries about fulfillment of legal requirements.

VAT Registration


The VAT registration is automatic for all the new companies in Hungary. So - as paradox to other countries - it is quite difficult to establish company without VAT number. 

Bank Account Opening


The bank account can be opened in Budapest with our personal assistance. There are no hassles for company with director from EU country. 

Registered Office


We provide registered office services in modern facility in the heart of Budapest.