God Save the Queen and UK Companies House

+  definitely most corporation-friendly country in EU

+  we make new company for you in 24 hours

+  changing of directors takes only 3 hours

+  shareholders are not visible

+  dissolution of company is easy and fast

British Private Limited Company

The most common type of company in Great Britain is Private Limited Company. It's abbreviation is LTD or LIMITED. The capital of company is divided into shares and the owners of them call "shareholders". The shareholders are not visible in Companies House (or in any other register). The proof of ownership is just internal Share Certificate.

LTD company is managed by one or more directors who can be citizen from any country in the world. The director and shareholder can be the same person. We are able to provide both nominee director and shareholder.

Formation of LTD Company


The formation of Limited company is in Great Britain very fast process which takes only 24 hours. Everything is done electronically, without signing any paper documents.


British LTD company can perform its activity in entire EU. 

We are also to able arrange the opening of bank account

Ready-Made LTD Company

Although the process of formation of new company is really fast there are some ocassions when can be more convenient to get ready-made (shelf) company. That means existing company which is currently "dormant", waiting on the new owner. We keep the permanent stock of such companies, including the "vintage" ones (established from 2012).

The process of transfer ready-made (shelf) company is very similar to the formation of new one.

Accounting Services

We can assure for you a chartered accountants.


However there is a good news - if you have just holding company there is NO NEED to make accounting at all !

Registered Office Services

We provide registered office services in London or Doncaster.


The mails can be forwarded to any country.