Friendly country of beer and ice-hockey

+  advanced online e-government

+  bank account is easy-to-open

+  joint-stock company may have hidden owners

+  good and affordable accounting services

- director must present criminal record

- complicated process of VAT registration

Czech Limited Company - s.r.o.

Established within 3 days, shelf companies with opened bank account


The "sro" is a Czech abbreviation Limited Liability Company which is identical to types like Kft. or GmbH in the other countries. The minimal share capital is 1,- CZK (should be deposited in bank during incorporation process).


It is very popular to buy ready-made (shelf) companies instead of new formations. Moreover the costs of ready-made company are almost the same as of the new one formation.

There must be at least one shareholder and one director (possibly the same person) in s.r.o. The director (in Czech "jednatel") has the full control and responsibility for the company.

Czech Joint-Stock Company - a.s. 

Where owners are in fact anonymous


"Akciova spolecnost" is the name of Joint Stock Company (same as e.g. AG in Germany). This is more prestigious company form than s.r.o., mainly because of high minimal share capital which is 2.000.000,- CZK.

However our ready-made (shelf) a.s. companies have capital fully paid so you don't need to worry about. With a.s. you can be as shareholder practically anonymous because the share certificates are not registered neither in the public nor in the state register.

As in every country there is a possibility of European company - SE which is in fact "a.s." company with some additional abilities - most significantly to transfer the registered office to another EU country. And the jurisdiction (nationality) is completely changed by this ast. We have huge experiences with transfer of SE companies across EU.

New Czech "s.r.o."​ Formation

The new s.r.o. formation is very fast in Czech republic and we are able to make it completely remotely. It means that we just send you the few documents to sign and the rest will be arranged by us in 3 days after receiving the signed documents from you.

Ready-Made Company Acquisition

This is the most convenient way how to start a company in Czech republic. We have always available the stock of never used companies being ready to be transfered. This process is much more simpler and faster than the formation itself. You can start immediately after signing of documents.


Every company in Czech republic is obliged to keep the accounting books.

The annual return must be submitted until the 31st of March for the last calendar year.

The VAT tax returns are filed every month.

Our partner company provide complete accounting and payroll services. 

Registered Office

The Czech company must have a registered office where is reachable for official authorities (e.g. Internal Revenue) and where the post is collected. We provide several fully equiped office-houses in Czech republic for this purpose. 

Bank Account Opening

The bank account opening is relatively easy even for the companies with foreign director. We also offer ready-made companies which already have the bank account on the current director's name and we can immediately provide you the remote access (temporarily for the first month, until you establish your own access). 

VAT Registration

VAT registration is the long and complicated process during which the Tax Office verifies that the company has real registered office (and not just virtual) and some previous activity or at least serious and proof-able business plan. 

We are also able to deliver shelf company with VAT registration but they are not always available and the price reflects their rareness.