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Bulgarian Limited Company - LTD


The international abbreviation for Bulgarian company is LTD. The minimal capital is only 1 EUR (which must be deposited into the bank).

The company is managed by its director which can be from both outside and inside of EU (however out-of-EU foreigners may experience difficulties in the bank). The criminal record doesn't need to be provided.

The LTD company is owned by its shareholders which are publicly mentioned in Bulgarian Company Register. If you want to own Bulgarian company discreetly, we recommend to use Czech or British joint-stock company as a shareholder.

New Bulgarian LTD Formation

We will gladly provide you our professional assistance with the formation of Bulgarian LTD company and guarantee that it will be a fast and easy-going process. 

The steps are following:

  1.      You send us all details including copy of passport or EU ID card

  2.      We prepare all the documents both in English and Bulgarian version

  3.      You sign the documents and send them to us

  4.      We translate them and submit to the Bulgarian court

  5.      You receive from us the certificate of company.

The entire process takes only 3 weeks.

Shelf LTD Company Acquisition

We have always ready the stock of Bulgarian ready-made companies which are already registered for VAT. They have no previous activity and were established just to be sold to the client. It is a fastest way how to start new business.


We provide all accounting services to run the company smoothly including monthly VAT filing, anual reporting, handling tax inspections, payroll etc. 

Bank Account Opening

The opening of bank account is possible for any company with director from EU country. We are even able to open bank account remotely without personal presence in bank.

VAT Registration

We always keep a stock of ready-made VAT registered companies. However we are also able to make registration for the new company. Such process takes approx. 3 weeks.

Registered Office

We provide our virtual office in Sofia as address of your company