providing all-inclusive corporate services since 2007

Do you need a new company ?​

You are on the right place. We arrange all the formalities without a need to travel anywhere, regardless your current location.

You will be provided by fair and complete informations in order to make good decision. No sale tricks, no pointless promises.

We always maintain a stock of ready-made companies - both VAT registered and non-registered - in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and England.

The word “ready-made” means that the companies are new and never performed any activity. Or if you are looking for a company with previous history, we usually have few of them available too. 

Do you need a bank account ?

Simply come to the bank and ask to open an account is not as easy as it sounds. The banks are private subjects with their own rules and KYC procedures. And many times the application is predestined to be denied, especially when the director is foreign person. 


However our clients have a totally different position. Everything is pre-negotiated and the visit of the bank is fast and just formal.

Is it better to stay undisclosed ?​

Its not always desirable to be visible as a shareholder. The anonymity can be achieved via Czech or Bulgarian joint-stock company and British LTD.

The trust is the most important value for us as we consider it as a corner stone of every relationship.

Do you need VAT number ?

We have always in stock some companies with VAT registration from the various countries. Do not risk a long procedure of VAT registration and start your business right away.

Do you need to set up job agency ?

We have a lot of experiences with establishing of job agencies with authorization to send the workers  all over EU area. The most convenient countries to establish job agency are currently Poland and Bulgaria.

Do you need to register a car ?

The vehicle ownership can be difficult in some countries. A lot of paperwork, high taxes and frequent fines. And possible unpleasant attention of tax office provoked by purchasing of luxury brand of car (no matter if it's new or old).


The solution is to register your car under Czech company. We provide a complete one-stop-shop solution. You come in the morning with car to Brno and in the afternoon you will be able to leave with new company, registration plate, green card and (if requested) also bank account.