• we are experts on company formations in the Central and Eastern Europe
  • we open companies in most offshore jurisdictions as well
  • we are incredibly fast - you get your company within 24 hours from order- we have the enormous stock of ready-made (shelf) companies
  • Limited, GmbH, Sp. z o.o., Kft, s.r.o. - more than 200 companies from 8 countries are ready to immediate transfer
  • we provide the full complex of services including accounting and legal advising

We have ready-made companies in many countries. How does it work?

You choose the company from our stock.
We ask all the informations and details from you and prepare the drafts of documents. WITHIN 24 HOURS !
You sign the docs and from this moment you are authorized to act in the name of company.
We arrange all the changes in the Company Register for you.